Hartland Dump

Length: 16.2 km, 2.5 hrs, but of course any length is possibble
Difficulty: 3, but varied terrain
Ascent: 454 m
Highlights: proximity to Victoria. huge network of trails. convenient parking lot, bike wash area. Lots of traffic.
Summary: I won’t suggest that I have much knowledge of Hartland, as I prefer to go further afield where less people abound. This double loop is from the Xterra race involving main trails, some easy and some more difficult single track:


Description: When I’m pressed for time and don’t want to drive 45 minutes to the top of the Malahat or out to Sooke, Hartland (or Partridge Hill) makes for a nicely accessible ride. Drive to the Hartland parking lot. Go south along the power line for 500 m and take a right along the regional trail. Climb this reasonably negotiable track until 2.4, then turn left along Old Payoff. When I rode this, there was yellow flagging tape marking the Xterra race course for most of the track until Crossover. Both Old Payoff and the Xterra course (Harem Scarem) continue to Centennial where you can either descend the rather challenging Switchback, or go straight down Centennial. At 4.2 take the right to single track along Crazy Horse, Little Face, and Fire Drill. Back onto main track at 4.9, Emergency 2, right turn near the bottom of hill at 5.1 to another main track Second Avenue and this continues into Crossover at 5.7. Crossover is the most technically challenging of the entire ride, but entirely rideable. At about 6.5, cut left when you see the houses, along N Trail then left on Madonna at 6.8, right on Heads Up at 6.9, and then onto the bottom part of Second Avenue at 7.0. At 7.3, take right along Kokanee and you’re back onto the regional trail. Go back to parking lot, make another loop, or explore some more!

yellow flagging tape to follow
yellow flagging tape to follow

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