About this website

Hello, this site is under construction. I hope to have more details About this Website soon. Feel free to browse the bikes and hikes that I’ve posted so far!

Website goals:

1.  Encourage people to see and experience parks, forests, the great outdoors of lower Vancouver Island, through cycling and hiking and ultimately to maintain or improve health.  I believe there are many people who would be more active if a more detailed list of opportunities was easily available for cycling and hiking.  I also believe there are many people who are reluctant to try an adventure without knowing a bit of information on what to expect.  There are many people also who aren’t able to get out and experience the outdoor life around Victoria, and I’d like to think that some might enjoy the reading pleasure of this website.

2.   To be a major reference for bikes and hikes around Victoria.  Detailed description of cross country mountain biking paths and hiking trails including directions, maps, tracks, pictures and description will allow most people to determine whether the particular ride is something they might wish to do, and if so, a reasonable expectation of difficulty and time.  People should not be getting lost, overly tired, injured, etc.

3.  For me to learn how to build a decent website.






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