Absent posts, but not absent riding

Have been a fair bit negligent about posting new rides. Mostly because I haven’t been getting out on any new rides. Sometimes life gets a bit busy. I hope to try out Broom Hill, Burnt Bridge and Tsouhalem shortly. A little further out, but should be a blast. I was really hoping to be able to do an overnight trip from Shawnigan Lake to Jordan River over the San Juan Ridge, but again, it looks like it will have to wait until next year.

Old Man Lake

Will try going to a spot I haven’t been to tomorrow–Old Man Lake, just north of Peden Lake.  I’ll plan to go along Todd Creek Trail, and take the bike through Peden Lake which I realize is not really rideable.  However, going around again (as in taking the track to Empress Mountain) seems a tab boring.  If the track is ok condition and mostly rideable, I might tack on a little loop along Wolf Creek, just to check out the possibility of coming around from Empress.  Otherwise, if I have to carry the bike, or hop too many trees, I’ll just turn back once I hit Leechtown.

Next week, I’ll be hopefully mountain biking in Washington / Oregon.

weekend riding

I generally get out twice a week to ride.  That should be sufficient effort to stay reasonably fit and healthy.  Last wednesday was out to Rat Lake and back, and actually was quicker than I thought despite the large hill.  Tomorrow will be a bit shorter, and a bit more fun.  The plan is to head out to the Sooke Hills and  do a loop of Shields Lake and Grassy Lake from Harbourview Rd.  Somebody had posted some pics of their hike from Todd Creek, and a really cool pic of what looks to be some pretty orchid.


Malahat to Rat Lake

Today I’m going to attempt the longest (at least distance-wise) ride of the year.  I plan to ride around Mt Jeffrey on the Malahat before descending off the Malahat Ridge parallel to the Island Highway, circling back around behind Mill Bay, and then climbing back up the ridge from the back side before returning along the west side of Oliphaunt Lake.  If I’m feeling good, I might make it as far as Rat Lake.Should be a long day!

Hello Victoria

This is my first post. I’m intending to write a fairly comprehensive description of the mountain biking and hiking opportunities that exist around Victoria, BC. I’m new to website creation, so it will take a bit of time to get up to speed. I will welcome comments and suggestions once I’m up and running. Right now, I’m merely posting the bike tracks and hikes that I do.

Victoria Cycle Paths for Cyclepaths